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A wide range of product categories Advanced technologies accumulated in the course of more than 80 years in the business Worldwide sales/production bases in more than 30 countries More than 1.1 million Machine Vision Lenses have been produced

Product Information

■"4D High Resolution" lenses

  • HF-12M series

    2.1μm 4D Super High Resolution
    Low-distortion design
    Compatible with 2/3" to 1" (max.) sensors

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    HF-12M series

  • HF-XA-5M series

    3.45 μm 4D High Resolution
    Compact & light weight
    Compatible with 2/3" to 1.1" (max.) sensors

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    HF-XA-5M series

■High Resolution lenses

  • HF-HA series

    7.4μm for Mega Pixel
    Ultra compact & light weight Compatible with 1/2" to 2/3" sensors

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    HF-HA series

  • HF-SA series

    3.45μm High Resolution
    Low-distortion design Compatible with 2/3" sensors

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    HF-SA series

  • CF-HA series

    7.4μm for Mega Pixel
    Low-distortion design Compatible with 1" sensors

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    CF-HA series

  • ■3-CCD/CMOS

    TF series

    Lenses specially designed to ensure optimum performance with high performance 3-CCD/CMOS cameras

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    TF series

  • ■Fisheye lenses

    FE185 series

    Super wide-angle lenses with a 185° field of view compatible with 5-megapixel high resolution cameras

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    FE185 series

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